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Web 2.0, mashups, dandyID and SIMidea April 1, 2009

Posted by tcarlyle in identity management, mashup, SIM Cards.
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Well, I am working with a friend in a mobile solution for the Excitera Mobile Cup and our application (that unfortunatelly I can’t give much more details now)  is in the Web 2.0 and Mashup world. I joined him on the competition because of my interest in mobile applications and expertise in the SIM domain. But we are not creating a SIM mashup, although with the Smart Card Web Services it would be possible. Actually the whole thing I mentioned in the last post of turning the SIM into a self signed IdP for reputation based systems could be very well explored by mashups if the SIM Card web service offers an API to retrieve attribute information to Value Added Services. Then, the sim could be responsible for the secure handshake for the attribute sharing just as the https implementation defined in the OMA Standards for the Smart Card Web Services.

Actually, one of the applications I was thinking when I started my thesis was to mix the potential of context information stored in all of our identities with the location information from GPS, Cell ID, Wlan positioning or any other position technology accessible to the SIM (even if through a satsa or other connection to the mobile).  The idea was to have the sim as the secure storage of the identities and the entity that would deal with the handshake of sharing the identity attributes (and also location attribute) with the Value Added Services.

For the identity management, actually there is already a mashup API provider that is trying to create a central point for attribute and contact sharing of all our tons of digital identities. This service provider is the DandyID. The idea is pretty good, although I dont like their name =) I’ve just tried it really fast and I think they may have added too many ID providers in the list (maybe they could have left the main ones in the first identity page and the secondary ones in another page), and I haven’t seen a functionality to already fill my profile based on the information that I already have from my identities. Maybe it is because the application is just in beta, let see.

Back to the mashups and web 2.0, I’d like to share this excellent link that clarified most of my doubts about it. It is kind of hard not to get excited with the mashup potentials when reading it, but I’d say to be somehow carefull with the expectations around mashup applications (I’ll be on the application I’m working with at Excitera). A lot of people are trying to launch web 2.0 apps, get users and, then, try to see how to make money out of it. I do not see much future on those apps as users are less and less keen on paying for services, as last-fm announced that they will charge for the music streaming most people I know start to look for free options. And as this article mentions making money out of advertisement is harder than it may sound.

Due to this personal diving into web 2.0 (without loosing the mobile focust) you may have the risk of seeing more web 2.0 related post here! But, I can assure that most of the posts will still be more related with my thesis work. By the way, soon I’ll post the application description.