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barcelona mwc and wlan sim February 19, 2010

Posted by tcarlyle in SIM Cards.
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After a long time without posting due to a big wave of work, I finally found a bit of time and a special occasion to write. The special occasion is the Mobile World Congress which happened this week in Barcelona. I haven’t been there, but I’ve followed the news around it, with special attention to the ones related to sim cards. The main focus of the congress seemed to be targeted to the new trend of App stores (where a big revelation was the launching of the Wholesale Applications Community) and in new phone models (highlights on the Windows Mobile 7; the Nokia + Intel Meego announcement; and Samsung Wave, its first Bada device). However there were some big news on the sim world as well.

The first one was about a Android porting to a sim card! This was a prototype from SK telecom which uses a high end sim card whose specification I haven’t found but which doesn’t seem far from the gigabyte sim’s which have been already demonstrated by companies such as samsung or sandisk. The big news are in the porting itself and that apparently the performance over the high-speed usb went quite well. See video below:

The other big news was about the sim card with integrated wireless lan antena. There was a demonstration of it acting as an access point (with video in spanish) and being used to communicate with a nfc device and opening the possibility to do OTA management to the nfc device and dribbling the need of specific nfc phones. The repercussions have been amazing on the news and I feel specially happy since I  am between the several people who have been working on the side of the project from Telenor. It is definitely a great achievement, and I personally feel that those are just a small fraction of the possible use cases for a SIM with embedded wireless lan, specially when we consider the considerably growth of the internet-of-things and the pervasiveness of the 802.11 and wifi radio standards. Stay tuned on the wlan sim!