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Back to the blog October 6, 2009

Posted by tcarlyle in identity management, ride sharing, SIM Cards.
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After more then one month without posting, I’m finally writing. I guess the absence was a bit cause I’ve had a few days with abunch of work and during this period I alswo broke my hand, and it is extremelly annoying to type with just one hand. Anyway, now I’m back and hopefully I’ll be updating the blog quite often.

At work I’ve been mainly working in the wlansim project of telenor and I’ll be starting as well to help on writing a proposal to a SIM related EU project. Outside of work, I’ve been discussing with my friend Tommy about the possible creation of a ride sharing application. We are not so satisfied with the existing ones and we are brainstorming a bit what could be done better. As soon as we have a better concept we will start implementing it. It is a side project I’ve been wanting to work since some time as hitch hiking is an environmentally friendly win-win method for traveling and meeting people (two tings that I particulary enjoy). So far the best ones I know are the roadsharing (great user interface) and a german option which I have in fact used in Germany twice and it was fairly easy to find a ride (I guess it is probably one of the ride sharing with the biggest number of register rides in relation to its context – mainly Germany).  Recently, I’ve read also about a mobile ride sharing application in which the Fraunhofer institute is working and which looks quite promising. Unfortunately the website is only in german. Anyway, if you have seen any nice articles about ride sharing or some other interesting applications in the domain, please forward me.

Changing a bit the topic, next week I’m going to the NordSec 2009 Conference in Oslo. I’ll present a paper named:”Advanced SIM capabilities supporting Trust-based applications”. I’ve written it during my Master Thesis last semester (and by the way, I promise that after the conference, I’ll make it availablle here). In fact there seem to be a lot of presentations (and publications) around e-identities and another related to SIM cards in the program.It seems quite promissing and I hope I can manage to make some free time and  find out a bit more about some presentations before the conference. Anyway, if you have specific questions you would like to ask the speakers based on the theme of their presentations, you can forward me and I’ll try to ask them and publish the answers afterwards.


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