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Back from vacations but not fully back to blogging, yet =) August 19, 2009

Posted by tcarlyle in Me, Nokia Devices, Thesis.

I’m back from well deserved vacations in Turkey and Brazil, but I’m still kind of adapting to be back, to be working again and to some new devices I got =)

I’ve finished my thesis and soon I’ll make it available here, but I’ll wait a bit because a paper I wrote based on the thesis has been accepted in the NordSec conference. Thus, I’d prefer to wait it be published there to make my thesis available (even though they are different documents) There is a lot of interesting presentation’s in this year’s agenda, with special attention to digital identity. But, I’ll blog about that when it gets closer to the date of the conference.

I  started to work here at the Telenor R&I department in Trondheim, Norway. I’m working with the SIM group, thus I should be posting some SIM related topics in the blog. In fact, just recently I’ve read 2 nice surveys on the Science Direct and I recommend their reading in case you are interested in smart cards and have access to Science Direct Publications. As a survey/overview papers maybe you already know some of the information described, but I thought they were specially well written and easy to follow. One of them is about Eletronic Passports (actually more into RFIDs) and the other about multi-application smart cards (with a nice overview of the smart card path from monoapplication to multiapplication environment).

As I just got into my hands a N810 tablet and a n97 phone I must already warn that I may eventually post something about them =) In fact, so far I haven’t got much time to play with them, which is actually good as the weather has been nice around here and that is not so common in August. Overall, the N97 seems nice although so far it seems too overloaded with junk applications. For the N810, I must say that the browsing capabilities are really awesome, there is a lot of nice open source and free applications and as mentioned in several places the GPS is quite bad to find satellites. I’d say that the biggest unconvenient in the N810 is that it’s design is not friendly for gaming. Although it is not on my top priorities it would be sweet to play some old NES games with the emulators if the buttons are kind of annoying to use as a joystick (specially the directionals).

I hope this post works as an initial attempt to ressurrect the blog =)


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