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Accelerometers in the SIM Card? February 20, 2009

Posted by tcarlyle in SIM Cards.
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The sim card world is really moving fast =) After the news at the end of last year that announced that Sagem is working on a SIM Card with GPS embedded, javacard 3.0, the huge amount of trials on NFC, now oberthur seems to be embedding an accelerometer in the SIM Card: http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/16/motion-detecting-simsense-sim-card-opens-new-world-of-possibilit/

I wonder if both the GPS and accelerometer embedded will be closed in the domain of  both Sagem and Oberthur respectively. Or will they be later incorporated in all smart cards, and the java card will handle those? Unfortunately, there is not much information available about those 2 new sim solutions. How are those connected physically to the microcontroller,  how would it be possible for a developer to use them, will another manufacturer have to implement it in a different way, etc.

Opening the architecture of this connection and working towards a standardization could strentgh even more the sim potential. It would give more arguments on having the sim and the javacard as a platform, instead of the mobile devices. There is already some argumentation towards having the secure module of NFCs handsets on the SIM or in a trusted element in the mobile. As well as there are discussions on having a soft SIM (a sim application inside a trusted element different from a smart card) for the M2M cases.

In any case, those are good news for my thesis about the future sim, and how to build a trust application in the sim using context information and identity context information. By the way, I have read quite a lot about context information this week, but Ill leave the post about it for the weekend on the beggining of the next week.


1. Hugo - March 3, 2009

All the technology in sim cards are failing to arrive to the final user… Where is the sim card with GPS? And the sim card with 1/2gb so you can store all your contacts?
There’s a lot of new technlogy around SIM, but most of them are not being delivered as final products…

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